URAL 650
URAL 750
Information site for later Ural, Dnepr and IZH motorbikes imported in to the UK as Cossacks, Nevals as well as under their own name.
These bikes are often sold under the wrong name, or older used ones can be made from several different bikes from different factories
You will not find anything for sale on this site, but if you are new to Russian bikes it should help you to identify exactly what you have bought.
If you do not already own a Ural, Dnepr or Izh machine it will also allow you to identify which model you are looking at when you go to buy one.
If you want to avoid buying a Dnepr when you really wanted a Ural take a look at the various pages to see the differences.

As well as a few pictures to clarify which model is which, there are also a few lines about the pros and cons of each model.
These are not set in stone, many owners enjoy finding novel and extremely well engineered solutions to certain known faults
equally there will always be a few owners who, with good intentions ruin a perfectly good bike with unworkable modifications.

If you like to tinker, and fettle your bike, any of the Russian bikes on this site will give you a great deal of fun without costing the earth.
They are all very basic and easy to work on, but that is not the same as saying they don't need good quality servicing.